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SEO Brunch is your go-to SEO solution, designed explicitly for burgeoning B2B companies with compact marketing teams. We’re here to streamline SEO, enabling these businesses to chart a path toward sustained success via heightened search rankings and exposure. Leverage our platform to navigate the complexities of in-house expertise, ROI apprehensions, and efficient time utilization.

SEO Brunch provides a comprehensive SEO solution that helps early-stage B2B companies improve their search rankings and increase organic traffic.

SEO Brunch Q2 2023

Next Event: SEO for Early Stage Founders

Join us for an SEO Brunch in Halifax on the last Saturday of Q3. Learn about SEO and get your questions answered.

The Next SEO Brunch will be September 30th from 10:30 am – 12:00 pm (AST) at CoWork Halifax.

🌟 Guest Speaker:
Join Michael MacMillan, for an insightful presentation this month. Michael brings over two decades of experience in digital marketing, with a specialized focus on SEO strategy for B2B software and service companies. Drawing from his deep experience, Michael will share practical insights to help Early Stage Founders align their SEO efforts more effectively.

🏢 Venue:
At CoWork Halifax. Bonus: All attendees receive a FREE Day Pass for October use!

🎯 Audience:
Startups, digital marketers, content creators, entrepreneurs, and more.

🍵 Refreshments:
Enjoy complimentary coffee, tea, and baked treats.

Join us to expand your SEO horizon and network with the best!

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Key Features


Own Search Engine Optimization

Our intuitive interface and step-by-step tutorials make it easy for small marketing teams to optimize their website for search engines

Actionable Insights

Clear, Actionable Recommendations

Our platform analyzes your website’s SEO performance and provides you with actionable suggestions to improve your content, keywords, and technical aspects.


Prioritize Your SEO Tasks & Efforts

Our intelligent task prioritization system highlights the most impactful actions you can take, helping you optimize your resources and budget.

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